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Hello dear visitor.
This whole website is currently under construction by a team of german students. A lot of features including contact forms, a small sozial media experiment and of course more informations about actual events will be added in the process. If you find any errors on this page or have a specific question at the development team feel free to write an email at makanya@tibyte.net. It can also happen that the content of this page is partially german, over time we will try to translate everything into english.

News from Makanya – Habari kutoka Makanya!

Map of Makanya
This is a map of Makanya drawn by the local pastor. The commune reaches over a great area. At the time the people there drive to work by bicicle or take a motorbike taxi.
We aim for getting two or three motorcicles for the commune itself. Also there's a Jeep that needs repairing.
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Videoblog by the pastor about their water project

The pastor explains the project, including costs, the need of help and value in the following video: